Stony Dean is well known for its talent shows at the end of each term. They are always very entertaining, with a huge turn out from staff and students. On the 16th of December, Stony Dean is holding our annual Christmas show. Students and staff alike always feel the Christmas magic passing through their veins as they watch Year 7-11 showcasing their tremendous talents. I have the chance to interview the people involved in the show, including some of the acts and the man himself that makes sure the show will go on!

We interviewed the amazing Mr Edwards who’s the master of the show. We asked him why did you start the show?

“The Christmas show grew out of music club. I started the club because I found students who loved singing and dancing. The show is a good way to discover new talent from shy students who can sing and dance with great confidence.”

We also interviewed some of acts who will perform their various talents! I interviewed the dynamic duo, Terrell and George about their upcoming performance.

“We are singing Merry Christmas everyone. I’m singing and George is drumming. We have been preparing since before December!”

George and Terrell are prime example of how much blood, sweat and tears goes into preparing a perfect performance. This is their first performance together and we will be the first to witness their musical greatness.

Another student, Miller, was also interviewed about his inspiration behind his performance.

“I’ve got a Christmas comedy act prepared. I haven’t performed since I was 6/7 years old. I’m not nervous, but I’m going to make my mum proud!”

This heart-warming statement from Miller inspired many students to put their all into their performances. It made me speechless and the wholesomeness put tears in my eyes.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Christmas show and overjoyed we get the opportunity to express our talents and passions in such a positive community environment. Seeing the hard work and passion that goes into preparing each act makes me to be a Stony Dean School Student!