At Stony Dean there is an amazing chef who has recently joined who makes mouth-watering food. Mr G who works so hard to impress every student and members of staff. He doesn’t just stop in the kitchen, he does many other things like catering and charity work.

I asked Mr G some questions to find out more about him and his career.

What inspired you to be a chef?

“I myself am a foodie and I believe that food brings people together.”

What was the hardest meal you have ever cooked?

“I always enjoy cooking, I don’t find it hard, I take everything as a pleasure.”

How does cooking make you happy?

“I feel always satisfied when people enjoy, like and appreciate my cooking.”

Do you enjoy being a chef?

“Yes, I enjoy it so much.”

What would be your advice for people to be a chef?

“You should cook for others like you cook for yourself and family.”

Mr G. is an amazing chef who works hard and makes lots of people happy. He truly cares for his job and we can see it. He has a passion for food and he loves positivity. He always smiles and is a good role model for others.

When he works he is very energetic and loves compliments. The compliments he gets makes him feel joyful. No matter what happens he has a smile on his face. He makes amazing foods and makes them fresh. He makes the dining room a better place. He likes talking to students about their day.