Year 11 are writing a yearbook as it’s their final year of their school chapter. The yearbook is a lovely way to end the year because we will use it to look back at old memories and our achievements. The yearbook features pupils and their teaching staff. I interviewed the yearbook committee and the teacher leading the group, Mrs Anderson, to get some information about this.

Why are you doing the yearbook?

“I really enjoy looking back at my own yearbooks. They remind me of all the friends I had in secondary school and the good times we had.”

What is the yearbook going to include?

“There will be a page for each Form group, including the students in Foundation and in CLIMB. There will also hopefully be some funny pages.”

What are the roles?

“All the students on the yearbook team will be creating and editing pages. Some of them will also be taking photos. It is definitely a group project led by the students.”

I think that it’s a great idea because if you’re having a bad day, you can look back at old memories. You can also show your family about your school life.

It sounds like the yearbook is going to be a very impactful thing. It’s going to hold memories that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you for helping us relive our memories. Thank you for reading my articles, I enjoyed making these articles and I am grateful for being picked to do this.