MP Dominic Grieve looks forward to the 30th anniversary of Volunteers' Week in his latest Letter from Westminster.

As this year will see the 30th Anniversary of Volunteers’ Week, I would like to give some advance notice about this annual celebration of the work that millions of volunteers in the UK do throughout the year, to help others.

People who volunteer can literally be part of a global effort, because of course many British charities help people elsewhere in the world, through local groups and organisations.

This year the week takes place from 1st to 7th June 2014. That’s just under a month away. Now is a very good time for someone, who might have been thinking about volunteering, to turn that thought into action and to join in.

As an MP I make many visits throughout the year to voluntary organisations which make a big difference to local life. Volunteers can be any age, from any background.

They are united by their wish to help others and make any aspect of life that little bit better. Volunteers tend to do all that they do without ever thinking of being thanked, but I was pleased to see nonetheless that part of the ethos of Volunteers’ Week is to make sure that people do know how much their help is appreciated.

To be a volunteer is to be part of a team of people pooling their skills and their ideas together. That is hugely inspiring. It can also be great fun for all involved.

There’s information on the website about getting involved.

Thank you – to those who volunteer and to those who decide to take the plunge and start volunteering!