Having written previously about the Scottish Referendum, I think that there is a strong argument now for a referendum across the whole of the UK about Europe and this country’s role within it.

What was striking about the referendum process in Scotland was that people did get involved. The electors thought carefully about the issues. There was a high turn-out at the polling stations because people did feel it was important to cast their votes.

The European Union is a far larger and more complex body than was the case when people in the UK voted in the referendum of 1975. I am one of the voters who had that opportunity and I think it is only fair that others should have that opportunity too.

In 1975, many of the discussions were about whether we should be part of what was then called the Common Market. Many UK businesses value being part of the single market, but there are concerns about the degree of interference and excessive regulation. The UK stood aside from becoming part of the Eurozone even though at the time there was vociferous criticism of that decision. The mantra ‘one size fits all’ does not always have to be the case.

Renegotiating the EU Treaty could be the way forward to resolving issues like the need for reforms within Europe.

There is a Private Member’s Bill before the House of Commons which sets up the mechanism to hold a referendum on Europe. In the last session of Parliament, a similar Bill was passed in the House of Commons, but it failed to make progress in the House of Lords.

I hope that this Bill will succeed to enable a referendum to take place and give people the chance to express their views.