This is quite an interesting election. Not just because Gordon got caught doing what we all do and hope never to get caught doing – saying something casually derogatory about someone and being overheard.

Cringe! Nor because Cameron’s aides cajoled a father and his handicapped son to ‘come and meet Mr Cameron’ only to find themselves pressed into a photo opportunity. They’re all at it. No surprise there.

The burning issue is the prospect of a hung parliament. The two major parties, who don’t like the idea of their seesaw monopoly being taken away from them, don’t like the prospect.

Predictably, the Lib Dems and minority parties see an opportunity to turn their sizeable (albeit minority) votes into something that affords them more of a say in how our country is run. All very reassuring. Self interest is alive and well and heading towards Westminster.

On Tuesday, I was privileged to chair the hustings in Wycombe as the four main candidates here answered questions submitted by Wycombe residents.

The 150 or so people attending contained many familiar faces on the local political scene keen to support ‘their’ candidate and also many issue-driven residents.

Gratifyingly, there was also a sizeable contingent of students from a local school. I started by asking for a show of hands by those undecided about where to put their precious crosses. Thirty or so hands were raised.

At the end of the spirited and even (briefly) heated debate, I asked the same question and received a precisely similar response. I then asked if anyone had changed their mind during the evening and one hand was raised, by a young man who had learned that his previously favoured party wasn’t ‘left’ enough for him.

You have to be made of tough stuff to stand up in front of a crowd, the majority of whom (and this applies to every candidate) actively don’t want you and never will, and try to convince them to change their minds.

I thought they mostly did a very good job indeed and, whatever made them decide to enter politics and whatever compassionate, idealistic, barking mad, predictable, core or fringe beliefs they have, at least they do have beliefs and are prepared to put their heads above the parapet in the sure knowledge that missiles will be on their way from all directions.

An interesting week ahead.