An Astronomy club set up by three sixth form students at The Misbourne School has proved to be a big hit with over (1)18 year 7 and 8 pupils attending . The club aims to introduce the world of science to younger pupils in order to initiate an interest in the science subjects for the students to follow onto in later life. Held every Thursday during the lunch break, the club is run by either one of the three founders each week, rotating in turns.

Interviewee Robert Horne, one of the founders of the club and explains in detail why the club was initially set up.

‘Me and my two friends, all love science, we aim to pursue science related careers in our future and the predominant aim of this club is to interest young pupils enough so they too consider science as an option. Statistics show that the number of female physicists in the UK studying at university level is dropping substantially. It is why universities themselves are pushing for more female students. We just want to be able to make science fun for the students, so the gatherings are laid back; they’re not lessons, just a completely relaxed session on the stars and space’ The club covers subjects from stars to UFO’s to time travel. To also sustain interest, the organizers are also looking to organise school trips if possible. This in itself would be quite an achievement for a student run club.

With a solid number of pupils attending the sessions, things look promising for the Astronomy club; Robert predicts growing numbers as well as expanding the club to the older years if enough interest is shown.

It’s good to see such determination and drive from students to spread their own desires to other members of their school community.

Arman Azam


(1). Statistic from December 6th.