Marriage has always been seen to be between a man and woman; however the House of Commons are over the first hurdle into allowing gay marriage legislation. The marriage bill will also allow those couples already in a civil partnership the opportunity to convert it into a marriage. This’ll have a huge impact on society as a whole, but are people’s views on marriage for gay couples the same as they were years ago or have we changed our views?

James Ayris, 16
“Well, I think gay marriage should be legal because they have rights like everyone else, people deserve to be happy I mean I know lots of people who are gay and want to marry and they would feel bad if they couldn’t. It should be a normal thing but people don’t find it normal. So I guess there’s a lot or problems that go on with it in society.”

Harriet Newman, 17
“I think marriage should be equal between everyone doesn’t matter if your gay whatever, straight or part of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender) community it’s find I think you should be able to marry, love is love.”


Brian Murrell, 62
“I have no problem personally with same sex marriages. Society has moved on and now accepts same sex relationships. There is still much prejudice but I believe we should recognise the right of gay couples to get married. We have had civil partnerships for some time but new proposals are placing gay marriage on the same status as any other marriage. The sensitive area is of course whether churches should allow gay marriage. I think this must be really difficult for those with strong religious convictions that marriage is meant exclusively for a man and a woman. I have sympathy for both sides in what is a very personal issue. Ultimately I think gay people should have a right to marry and the state should support this.”

Holly Charge, 16

“I have no problem with gay marriage however I do believe there are certain boundaries to public affection I wouldn't tolerate. I don't think it's natural for same genders to express their love for each other in public without certain boundaries. I have no problem with same sex marriage though.”


Bonnie Mullins, 17
“I think gay marriage should be seen the same as straight marriage as I think the people who are getting married should not be judged on what sex they are but the reason behind why they are getting married.”

Jennifer Cargenio, 30
“I have no problem with gay marriage at all; even though I was raised with a religious household some of my best friends are gay. I believe in equality for all and I think they should have the same respect. Love is love and love should know no bounds, no race, no colour, no anything, they should be allowed to be who they are. I think there are more important issues that the government could worry about then something simple about two people getting married; I think we have more important issues to deal with than that.”


So it seems although there may be a small divide most people do agree that gay marriage should be allowed.