Everyone’s noticed the rise of the internet in the past decade however what seems to have silently crept up beside it are the social networking sites that both children and adults are addicted to. The easy access makes them even more key for people in everyday life; it is not just the computer you can access them on. The numerous portable devices which can be taken practically anywhere have apps and storage so you can flick your page up in seconds.


Recently at school we have been discussing the dangers and the importance of social networking, its not all bad! The various points on view from both students and teachers inspired me to write this article and consider more than one side of the question, social networking friend or foe?


It is not unknown that social networking has its dangers not everyone on there is genuine and there are people lurking behind every page waiting to catch you out. Surely the benefits of social networking outweigh the risks though? The answer is yes, with a little caution many of the dangers can be easily avoided. Posting your phone number or address on your social networking page asks for trouble! Don’t exploit every detail about your life on the internet after all you wouldn’t shout about your private life on the street, would you?


By avoiding these dangers and not being naive we can help shed a positive light on the social networking world. I have heard many stories where jobs have been secured and it all started out with a message across a social site. Granted 140 characters won’t secure you a place on the England football team or behind the pages of a glossy magazine but it can help and at a time when easily getting a job is becoming a rarity I believe this is means to look at social networking as more of a friend than a foe!