Shopping online. Something most people do, but why? Well, I asked some of the inhabitants of High Wycombe about their views of online shopping and one person told me that they shop online because it’s “always available, day or night” so it’s accessible all the time. I was also informed that online shopping is good because there are often “deals and offers” that “aren’t offered in store” so price is also a large factor. Does this mean that small towns such as High Wycombe will soon become unnecessary due to the high demand for shop websites and online retailers?

Although online shopping is quick and easy, it can have a negative impact on some stores. For example, both ‘Jessops’ and ‘La Senza’ recently closed in the Eden centre in High Wycombe as a direct cause of the recession  and lack of money within the country. This shows the unapparent need for niche shops and small businesses due to the common perception that their prices are higher. This has caused many shops to become online retailers in addition to owning physical stores, as it allows their customers to be able to order items from anywhere at any time.

However, the current ‘online phase’ won’t necessarily cause High Wycombe to become a bare and barren town as the accumulating amount of shop closures could be the push Wycombe needs for some new, upmarket, designer stores to be introduced in order to increase the value of Wycombe and intrigue and entice new customers. An alternative option for Wycombe could be to include more shops that appeal to all ages; as I was informed that there are “shops for the young” but not enough “for the older generations”.

So it seems that some people believe that within a matter of years Wycombe could be deserted if the recession doesn’t end and the obsession with the internet doesn’t slow down; as everyone is always looking for a bargain. However, others think that the Eden centre and High Wycombe is just in need of a makeover and some new shops to appeal to a new target market that isn’t as ‘computer savvy’.