On Thursday 28th of February, Wycombe High held its annual Higher Education and Careers Fair designed to help and inform pupils about their options after they have finished school. The evening ran from 5:45 until 8:30 giving every student enough time to circulate the fair and stop at any stalls that interest them. The whole evening ran smoothly and was very successful giving the pupils as much information as they needed. The fair was the biggest in the area and many pupils attended ageing from 14 to 18, and ranging from GCSE to A level. The majority of organisations and universities held small stalls where members of the organisations handed out prospectuses (for the universities and colleges) and leaflets and brochures containing information on organisations, as well as speaking to any pupils and advising them about different university and career options. As well as these stalls, some universities gave talks and presentations in order to provide more information. There were also talks from specialist professions that went into depth about what certain occupations entail and any qualifications that would be necessary to enter into a career in that field. Unfortunately, some of the evening did not go to plan as some organisations had to cancel at the last minute. I spoke to a Wycombe High School student about what she thought of the careers fair. "I really enjoyed it, however I was disappointed to find that the Royal Navy and Royal Marines had cancelled as I was mostly looking forward to speaking to them". I asked her if she felt that, despite the cancellations, the careers fair was worth attending, she replied "Yes definitely, it gave me a broad range of options and I found out about things that I would not have found out otherwise". Overall, the entire evening was a success and met the high standards that were expected of it.