Library Refurbishment Plans Initiate at Misbourne School

The Parent Teacher Association at The Misbourne School has successfully raised ten thousand pounds to start a project on the school library. The aim is to create a brand new look and feel to the resource centre in order to make it more welcoming and relaxing.

The plans include, creating a ‘soft area’ for pupils to relax and read, a new computer seating area, with WIFI technology being introduced to the school to allow computers to be situated freely around the room and also a new theme to the library. The student council, now a major influence in the school, has been elected to help generate ideas for the library and also to collect ideas from pupils around the school.

Many of the students are happy about the change whilst others are quite sceptical about the idea. Student Charles Turner explains his views of the idea.

“I think it’s a great idea, the library is not very popular within the school and a new look will definitely attract pupils to visit on a regular basis, it’s good to see the school really prioritising the students needs and to act upon them shows real commitment by staff and the PTA.”

The plans also include buying new books, for the younger students as well as the year elevens and sixth formers. There is also talk about additions to the books regarding the pupils’ subjects in order to help them with lessons. Student Francesca Manzin believes the money should be spent on other aspects of the school.

“The library is good enough, I don’t think it needs to be more colourful or more spaced out, I find the library is great the way it is and I am sure other students do too. The money should be spent on more learning resources within the class, many departments lack books for students to use; having more books will really help us as students and prove helpful.”

The plans are likely to go forward as the PTA has already raised the money and started to come up with new designs and idea.The student council has a few weeks to gather ideas and designs before a blueprint is created, the plans so far look promising and many students seem excited about the decision to undergo refurbishment.

The school has made many changes over the past year and the students seem very content with the workings of the school and the changes it has implemented.

Arman Azam