When we come to the end of March the excitement of Easter builds and although mid August temperatures are wishful thinking we at least like to think that mid January is behind us and we are graced with mild weather.


I’m wondering then why when I write this am I wearing several layers and the radiator is on full blast with temperatures struggling to reach 5 degrees and certainly no danger of double figures any time soon.


When thinking of March, April time I imagine Spring and warmer temperatures beginning to descend on us instead I wake to find half of Britain under snow and the other half fearing the snow is coming.


There may be light at the end of the tunnel however as a cold Easter signifies a hot summer and after last years summer performance and the harsh winter of the current year hot weather is just what we need.


So perhaps this supposed Spring time which is actually Winter leading us to a Sprinter will live up to its meaning and sprint right away after the Easter period leaving behind blistering hot weather right through to the end of August…yeah right!