It seems that the Misbourne school in Great Missenden is full of many surprises. After the successful regeneration of the student council, staff at the Misbourne have selected 38 students as prefects. For the first time, the Senior Students will be supported by a team of prefects. These prefects will be responsible role-models taking part in pastoral and academic support and playing a leading role in the future of The Misbourne.

As an academic support prefect, each student will be allocated a subject to aid students studying that subject and also assist subject teachers, a pastoral prefect will have the duty of assisting form groups and many other jobs.

Many of the students are ecstatic and cannot wait to perform these duties, it seems that staff at the Misbourne have placed a lot of their trust and confidence in the students.

The prefects were allocated on the 19th of March along with the new Head boy, Head girl and two deputies. The prefects will also work together with the senior students in order to enhance the school in many other ways, this will be achieved through the regular meetings at the student council, which all prefect and senior student members are expected to attend once a week as part of their role.

Numerous students feel that the school has really picked itself up from the disappointing Offsted report not long ago, now students, especially Sixth Formers feel that they can talk about their school with pride and feel confident that the school will help them every step of the way onto their future.