On the 11th of March 2013, major road works began on Chalfont St Peter high street, these road works are planned to be finished on the 12thof July. Resulting in many business will be shut off from customers due to them finding it difficult to enter the car park. As well as this the high street is now only accessible through one lower entrance, causing the high street to be full of traffic in the early morning causing students to be late to college and employees to be late for work.

Many citizens feel these works are going to cause problems for them in their day to day lives. Sally Watkins, mum of two has to journey to and from the schools in Chalfont and has found these road works to cause havoc on her journeys. “It’s definitely more stressful and it adds 10 minutes to my journey coming back. I’m not too worried about how long it will last but more worried about it being a big inconvenience because of the amount of traffic I’m worried someone will pull out and there may be a crash and I have young children in my car. While the road works are going on I would find a alternative shop because of the traffic and the backlog I wouldn’t bother even trying to go to some of the shops.”

These road works will be continuing for approximately 124 days and will be a constant nuisance to citizens trying to get around. Closing off business meaning shops are beginning to lose revenue. However, fortunately not all businesses have been damaged by this Rob from ‘Meat at Judds’ claimed he has “been very fortunate as it doesn’t really seem to have affected business too significantly so far”. However the same can’t be said for some of the smaller business around the high street as the entrance for the car park to enter some of the shops has been closed off from one side people aren’t visiting those shops.

The closing of this road seems to have caused more hassle to citizens than first thought, however the roads going to be closed for nearly 17 weeks so unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be too much which can be changed.