‘Highlights’ is a dance show held at Wycombe high School every two years. This year it took place from the 20th– 22nd march and showcased a wide range of dance related talents, including cheerleading, tap dancing, Bollywood and gymnastics. The show sold out on the Friday night and had very little amounts of seats left on the Wednesday and Thursday. This shows the success of the evening with many observers calling it the ‘best highlights so far.

The show included some nail biting moments and nerves were clearly running high amongst the cast and audience. Nevertheless, the evening was pulled off with the upmost professionalism leading to a clean, polished look. The night consisted of some complex moves choreographed by students, as young as year 11, adding to the magnificence. The finale was performed to the ‘Footloose’ soundtrack and consisted of the entire cast of over 200 girls dancing in unison. The song was upbeat and contrasted the sombre mood of other dances.

As well as there being dances by audition there were dances produced in lessons and in dance clubs such as junior and senior dance, this gave everyone the opportunity to take part. The preparation for the event started months beforehand with many rehearsals of dancers and the lighting and sound crew. Presenters had to be recruited and a backstage team had to be appointed to keep the girls orderly.

Overall, the production was a raging success, with everyone showing off their talent and ability. Although the performers were very tired by the end, as the show didn’t finish till 9.45, they persevered and made Friday the best night with a lot of energy and big smiles all round; I can’t tell if they were proud of themselves or glad the hard work was finished.