Coming to the end of an academic year is always a reflective period, some years more than others. Right now I find myself finishing the final few weeks of year 13 and not only looking back at the past year but also my whole time at school right from the beginning, on my first day of year 7. My times of reflection usually include my achievements and one which I have completed this year, is successfully writing articles for the school magazine, Blue Planet.

Blue Planet began at the beginning of the academic year and since then has grown ever more popular through both readers and people joining the magazine team to help bring together the publication. The publication which started as an idea from 2 sixth formers has now become a strong team of designers, photographers, writers and editors who all excel in their areas and manage to independently meet deadlines with high quality work.

The variety of the magazine is what really seems to be the reason behind its popularity with sections on sport, fashion, beauty and current affairs to name a few.

The thought which springs to mind whilst writing this article is that this project has been created and developed all by the pupils of the school which I believe really proves the dedication and talent of the young generation nowadays.

Blue Planet has taken off and will hopefully continue once the year 13’s have moved on and the younger years are left to continue and make the magazine relevant to them.