A florist in a rural village near High Wycombe has opened up ‘Sun Bodies’ a set of tanning beds within their shop. Despite the bright and bold advertisements bursting with confidence overshadowing the store’s windows, some of the villagers are questioning the potential profitability of this unusual combination.

Sunflowers, plants, arrangements and presents are just a few of the things that you may immediately associate with a florist, however you would have to look fairly far down that list to find tanning beds. The strange combination is one unseen by the majority of residents in the village, but could possibly become a new trend and may soon be present in all florists. The idea has certainly sparked conversation and interest amongst the inhabitants, becoming a topic of discussion at local coffee mornings and get-togethers proving that although, at first, the idea may seem completely wild and unorthodox, it is getting people’s attention. The unique combination, may prove to be a winning idea, setting the florist apart from other chains, and encouraging more customers.

However, the main issue concerning this new innovation is who the customers will be. The village is a inhabited by a mixture of families with young children and older, retirees, who are unlikely to aspire to a golden tan. There are also health issues that come with using tanning beds, such as the possible increase in the chance of getting skin cancer. I spoke to Laura Kay, who was not in favour of them. “They are a major cause of skin cancer” she said, “Most sun-beds are not safe”. However, I spoke to another resident of the village who, when asked his opinion on the matter stated “I think it is good, as it is a local and accessible facility in the comfort of our own village”. These very different opinions show the two sides people are taking over the introduction of ‘Sun Bodies’ and only time will tell as to whether the idea will be successful or not.