I have always been incredibly cynical in regards to ghosts and the supernatural, however after a possible ‘experience’ a few months ago I have taken it upon myself to delve deeper into the myths and urban legends surrounding the Great Missenden area. 

My findings were as follows:


Little Missenden Abbey Gatehouse (now Chiltern Private Hospital)

It is said that if you sleep in a particular room of the gatehouse of Little Missenden Abbey on Twelfth night then you may soon regret it. Past guests have claimed to be incredibly aware of a presence in the room, followed by a painful sensation of thumbscrews being applied.

Little Abbey Hotel

Early one morning in mid-September 1972, the handyman at the Little Abbey Hotel, Mr Allison, was busy working on a window on the staircase landing. The next moment he saw a figure wearing a brown hooded cloak coming up the stairs with his hands clasped together as though deep in prayer.  Mr Allison thought nothing of the situation, he merely wished the figure ‘good morning’ and went back to his work. However, a little while later Mr Allison became concerned as to what had happened to the figure as the stairs only led to staff rooms, all of which were locked, and a toilet. On checking, he found that all the doors were still locked and there was no sign of the mysterious figure. Many members of staff believe that it was the ghost of a monk who haunted the hotel and had ‘scared servants away from what is now the lounge’ over fifty years ago.

Local Hills

‘Sir John de Plessis made a strange request that, after his death, he wished to be interred sitting on top of his favourite horse. After his death on the 25th February 1262, his executors carried out his wish and he was buried in Missenden Abbey along with his horse. It is said that Sir John can now be seen riding his horse in the hills above Great Missenden.

Missenden Abbey

The grounds of Missenden Abbey and the water meadows to the south are said to be haunted by the ghost of a monk. The abbey was founded in 1133 by Benedictine monks and at the pinnacle of its success, Missenden Abbey became very rich; meaning that the monks enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle not in-keeping their vows. It is thought that the ghost is one of those sinful monks who has returned to haunt the area of his debauchery.

But the monk is not the only ghost said to haunt Missenden Abbey. In 1946 the abbey was bought by Buckinghamshire County Council and converted into a college. Two students were sitting near the staircase when they saw the figure of a woman wearing old fashioned clothing drifting down the stairs and out through the door. In 1972 the figure was seen again near the ladies’ cloakroom and a similar incident occurred ten years previously. The woman is often seen wearing a black Victorian dress and carrying a vase of flowers.

Somerfield (now Co-Operative)

According to employees, a ghost has haunted the supermarket since the 1980s. Staff say that the ghost pulls their hair and moves items on the shelves. The ghost has supposedly been caught on CCTV several times, but the manager is reluctant to release the footage because it will reveal where the CCTV cameras are.