GARETH Ainsworth is delighted at the recent performances by Charles Dunne, saying the boy has become a man.

The 19-year-old was voted man of the match for the way he calmly dealt with the significant aerial threat posed by Northampton Town last night.

It's the latest in a string of excellent performances from the defender that have belied his tender years, and he's surely a contender to win something at the upcoming player of the year awards.

Ainsworth believes he will go on to be a key player for Blues if he keeps up his level of performance.

The Wanderers boss said: "I thought Charles Dunne was magnificent tonight, absolutely magnificent. He's grown as a player, he's becoming a man.

"I speak to Charles probably more than anyone at the club to try and get the tinkering into him. He only came to the game late but the physical attributes that boy's got are amazing.

"He's an absolute athlete. If we can harness his footballing skills and his desire, little minor points in the game, to take him in the right direction, he'll be a fantastic asset for Wycombe Wanderers."