GARETH Ainsworth said bringing back reserve league football is a far better alternative to the planned creation of Premier League B teams and a League Three.

FA chairman Greg Dyke caused widespread outcry last week by suggesting a new division of the Football League containing the B team of ten top flight sides should be introduced.

The teams would not be allowed to be promoted above League One and would be barred from entering the FA Cup, League Cup and Johnstone's Paint Trophy.

It's claimed the proposed changes would be better for the development of young English players - but Ainsworth said the old system of a properly structured reserve league is the best way forward.

The Wanderers boss said: "For me, the old reserve league was fantastic. Players who weren't playing in the first team, whether they were coming back from injury as a 35-year-old or a 21-year-old who earned his right to play in the reserve team - it was a great system.

"I believe the old reserve league was a great grounding for players to make it into the first team.

"If you're under 19, you play in a youth level team. If you're good at youth level to play in the reserve team, brilliant, you can make the step up."

Ainsworth added he wasn't keen on the current setup for youngsters either, with U21 being allowed to field a restricted number of overage players.

He said: "The U21s is OK - I'm not a big fan. I don't agree with the U21s with two over age players - I don't see what you are getting out of that.

"League Three would just be its own entity, its own spectacle of U21s against men. It's farcical these U21 teams can't then get promoted.

"If the FA want English players to progress then make rules about having English players in your squad. They have, but back them up properly. We are trying to plug a hole in a bucket that's got many holes in it."

He added: "I'm a young manager but I'm still very fond of our traditions in the Football League. It took me a while to get used to renaming them all - I don't want some League Three coming out that will confuse me even more.

"I'm happy with the way it was years ago. I think it's changed too much - I'd like it to change back."