WYCOMBE boss Paul Lambert took no prisoners in Friday's post-match press conference following Blues' disappointing 0-0 home draw with Boston United.

Below is the press conference, published in full: Bucks Free Press: What are your thoughts on that one, Paul?

Lambert: "We never did enough to win the match. I don't think we deserved to lose it but we didn't do enough to win it and you have to win games.

Journalist: Are you happy with a point?

Lambert: A draw is like a defeat and it has been like that for weeks and weeks on end. At this moment in time, I don't think draws are good enough. You have to win as many games as you can.

BFP: Particularly against a side who could only name three substitutes?

Lambert: That's got nothing to do with it. It's 11 v 11. They've still got a strong 11 fighting for their lives. That perception is a nonsense. It doesn't matter where Boston are in the league, they are a decent side as Torquay were. I wish people would get it out their brain there are no easy games in this league. There are none whatsoever, you don't have a divine right to win. And your attitude towards Boston bringing only three subs it doesn't really matter because it is 11 v 11.

BFP: That said though, you didn't try and cancel the game in the week (when they could under the three internationals rule) because you thought you had enough in your armoury to win, didn't you?

Lambert: No. You said that. I said I had faith in my own players to win a football match and I still stand by it.

BFP: Do you wish you had cancelled?

Lambert: Don't be so silly. We have just drawn a game. Your attitude is like defeat, by your questions. A draw is not good enough at this moment in time, you have to win as many games as you possibly can and we've drawn.

BFP: Is it time for harsh words?

Lambert: No. According to your newspaper it will be probably be time for harsh words, but not at all. The lads have been absolutely brilliant for me. Brilliant they have been. They have been great. They've played I don't know how many games this season but they have been a credit to the football club regardless of what happens.

Journalist: You had to change things in the second half Anthony Grant came off with a knock. Is it serious?

Lambert: He got a kick on the top of his foot and I think it was giving concern at the end of the first half and that's why we had to take him off.

Journalist: It was perhaps what the game needed with Lionel Ainsworth and Chris Palmer coming on and giving a bit more width.

Lambert: Lionel did fine when he came on, Chris did fine when he came on but Granty has been brilliant for me. He's hurt the top of his foot and we have to see how it is.

BFP: You say the players have done brilliantly for you and they have held onto a play-off position since August. That is something that could go away from them tomorrow. (Wycombe could have been overtaken by Darlington but they lost to Hartlepool). Does that worry you or concern you?

Lambert: No, because we have still got a lot of games to go. We are still well in the mix and we just have to keep on going.

BFP: Did the reaction of the supporters bother you today? Was that deserved, being booed off?

Lambert: It's amazing, but football fans are entitled to their own opinion. When you draw it is like a defeat.

Journalist: It's quite good the Bristol Rovers game comes around quite quickly for us, isn't it?

Lambert: The game is hard enough when you've got all your full squad. But we've not got many players due to injury and things like that so we just have to keep going.

Journalist: We've gone three games without scoring, is that a worry for you now?

Lambert: Not particularly, because I know the lads up the front will always create chances and I think they had chances tonight to score, they just never happened. Tommy Mooney and Scott McGleish, even Jemma (Jermaine Easter), who is not here, are always a threat. Sometimes strikers will go through little barren spells and sometimes they will go on a hot streak. The important thing for me is that we keep on going and never get our heads down which they've never done since I've been here.

BFP: We had Fola (Onibuje, who was meant to be on international duty) back tonight. What happened there? We thought he was with Nigeria.

Lambert: You thought he was with Nigeria.

BFP: That's what you told me.

Lambert: He was but he came back yesterday.

BFP: How come? Keith Allen's ( Blues secretary) programme notes say he thought there was a game on Saturday.

Lambert: Never believe what you read.

BFP: It was in the club's own programme notes (That he was called up for two games and would be away for the Boston game).

Lambert: Programme notes, it doesn't matter, don't bother reading them then. If it is wrong information why read it?

BFP: I didn't know it was wrong information. That is why I am asking you, why is Fola Onibuje here when we all thought, and yourself, that he was on international duty with Nigeria?

Lambert: Never think about things. Just wait and see what happens on a matchday.

BFP: It is matchday. I am asking you.

Lambert: Go and ask the 747, British Airways or something. He arrived anyway, so I don't have to justify it.

BFP: I'm not saying you have to justify it. I am just asking the question. We were told in the week that he was away with Nigeria.

Lambert: Well, who told you.

BFP: You did.

Lambert: I never told you when he was coming back though, did I. It doesn't matter, he is here. He came back yesterday. I don't have to say when he left or when he departed. He came back.

BFP: You don't have to say but it is a reasonable question to ask why he is back.

Lambert: It has got nothing to do with the game. He's back, he's on the bench and I never put him on. We drew the game.

BFP: You were planning for not having him for this game then suddenly he's here.

Lambert: No, I wasn't planning on not having him, because I never told you.

BFP: Well he was planning not to be here.

Lambert: But I knew exactly what was happening.

BFP: You are coming up to the Bristol Rovers game which will be your 50th in charge of Wycombe. Are you where you want to be at this stage?

Lambert: If you said to me when I came in at the beginning that you'd be holding about the play-offs, I would have took it. No doubt about it. The players have been great considering what happened. They lost a lot of big experienced players last year, I think five in total, we had to get five in really quickly so for putting a squad together so quickly they have been a credit to themselves.

BFP: Quite an achievement, with eight games to go that you've reached 50 games already.

Lambert: That I've not been sacked, you mean. I surprise myself. Listen They've been great and they are still well in the mix which is great because you are never quite sure how people are going to perceive you or take to you. They have been great. Whatever happens at this football club they have been terrific.

BFP: You were trying to get someone in this week before the loan deadline, weren't you?

Lambert: I tried to get another seven in if that answers your question.

BFP: And what happened?

Lambert: Listen, I've got a flight in a few hours. If I sat and explained I would be here all night. I tried to get a rack of players in.

BFP: And presumably they all fell through?

Lambert: Yeah, absolutely.