MANAGER Paul Lambert has pledged his future to Wycombe Wanderers for another season and says he's more determined than ever to lead them to promotion.

His decision comes as a relief to managing director Steve Hayes who feared the Scot would be driven out by negativity' from inside and outside the club following Blues' end of season collapse.

Hayes said: "I'm delighted he's staying. I had to persuade him on my vision and where it was going.

"I feared the negativity around the club would have a bad effect on him and drive him out. He was extremely disappointed with the negativity within and outside the club.

"He's got his family back in Scotland and there was a concern that he would not stay on."

Lambert, who guided the club to the Carling Cup semi-final just three months ago, has come under fire from some fans following the club's recent bad run.

His injury-hit Blues have missed out on the play-offs and joined the mid-table also-rans after failing to win for ten matches.

Lambert, who admits he's made mistakes - in particular not having a big enough experienced squad to carry him through when injuries hit - says he has had letters from some fans telling him to go.

He said: "I had a letter from a fan the other day wanting me to go and it's strange because they are probably the same fans that went to Charlton, Fulham and Chelsea. That's football. That's how fickle it is. I have had a few letters like that. I will save them in my brain."

But he insists he is more determined than ever to succeed following Blues' play-off failure which was rubber-stamped by Saturday's 2-0 home defeat against Bucks rivals MK Dons.

Lambert won't even watch the play-offs.

He said: "I'd be jealous as hell sitting there thinking what could have been.

"No matter what level you're at, until you get to the top you're never happy.

"I want to get out of this league and I will be doing my utmost to get a group of players allied with the ones that have done brilliantly this year to gel together and give it a real go again next season.

"In a way I'm glad what's happened this season has happened because winning covers a multitude of sins. We never had enough back-up to help us through. I know what I am going to go into now."

Hayes has given Lambert a budget similar to the one he started with last year but its topped up with £250,000 extra from the club's cup run with another £250,000 to come the following year.