It was business as usual when as league leaders Beaconsfield beat Reading Abbey 37-6.

Five minutes into the match Beaconsfield scored through their tight head prop carrying the ball over on the right hand side, try not converted 5-0.

The pressure continued with Reading Abbey being kept in their own 22 but trying to break out at various times. Eventually they did and secured a penalty in Beaconsfield’s own 22, during this early period a second penalty was awarded and they briefly took the lead at 5-6.

Relentlessly the home attacks continued and eventually the home side asserted to lead 27-6 at the break.

It wasn’t just the attacks on the visitors which were giving them problems the whole of the home team were also putting in tremendous tackles to cut out any possible moves from the Reading side.

The next try was taken to the line by Dan Wilson and this took the score to 32-6. The final try came from Dru Labri on the left hand wing to make it 37-6.