A PAIR of American investors will be meeting Trust members next week for the first time as a potential takeover bid inches closer.

Bill Luby and Jim Collis will be introduced to members next week on November 7 at Adams Park after chairman Trevor Stroud issued an update this week on the latest news from the board.

At a meeting held on September 12, Stroud revealed that Wycombe Wanderers Trust members “agreed in principle that the club should seek external investment, with investors taking either a majority or minority interest in the club in exchange for the provision of a permanent capital solution”.

In the letter, Stroud added: “Bill and Jim are American financial professionals with tremendous experience in sports especially football.

“We have known them for some time and are impressed not only with their acute understanding of the business of football, but also with their sensitivity to fan ownership and of the Trust’s continued participation in running the club going forward. 

“In addition, they appear to us have the financial wherewithal to continue to carry forward the Club with the aspirations of becoming a stable, secure and competitive League One club and even, in time, competing at a higher level. We will continue to carry out due diligence on them, but our current view is that they will be valuable partners and proper stewards for the club.”

"If this plan is to be implemented, the approval of 75 per cent of Legacy Members will be required, and a formal meeting and ballot will be held in due course.

"It must be stressed – this evening is designed to help us get to know them and to have them begin to get to know the important stakeholders at the club.”

Stroud added: “This is the start of a hugely important part of Wycombe Wanderers’ history. The Trust board is very excited about the potential relationship with Bill and Jim.”