Young cricketer Teddie Casterton has had a 2018 to remember. The former RGS student won the Wisden Schools Cricketer of the Year award and has already started preparations for the new season. 
The Cricket season typically runs from April until September, but he isn’t sitting around during the off season getting himself in the gym regularly preparations for next year are already well on the way. 
He said: “The next season is always in my mind pretty much straight after the previous finishes. I've been training with London Universities at Lord's as their vice captain, working on my playstyle and improving on my weaker areas.”
Casterton went on to say that liking his cricket is a key factor in his game, playing his best when he is having fun. 
He added: “As long as I'm enjoying my cricket I should be at the crease for a long time. I think last season my play against spin improved a lot, before getting a bit stuck.
“I feel so much more confident and just keep growing in that confidence with everything about my cricket whether it be on the field or my mental side of the game.”
Along with preparations for next season Casterton is at University studying English with high aspirations for his writing career as well.
He said: “Being an author would be a dream. I'm working very hard to just work on my style and creativeness and just see where I want to go with it in terms of jobs: whether it be journalism or publishing.”
With plenty of competition around like fellow Buckinghamshire lad AJ Woodland who won the Wisden Schools Cricketer of the Year the previous year, Casterton knows it is important to keep in striving to improve an has set some personal targets for the new season. 
He said: “I want to remain in the top ten run scorers like this season. I think I was top two in the league for a while this season and dropped off in the later part. So, remaining to score runs at the end of the season is definitely an aim."