Wycombe Wanderers chairman Trevor Stroud has this week revealed when the Legacy Members vote will take place to decide whether they want American businessmen Bill Luby and Jim Collis to take majority share of the club.

Last week, Andrew Harman withdrew his bid for a minority share – growing to majority after two years – which means that Luby and Collis’ bid will be put to a vote beginning on April 10 at the Union Baptist Church in Wycombe

Stroud told the Bucks Free Press: “Bill and Jim will be coming over in a few weeks to be put to the vote.

“We will have someone there from the Electoral Reform Society to speak about the voting system and we will be doing it this way to ensure it is done as fairly as possible.

“Bill and Jim’s bid will then be put to a vote and to decide whether the members want to proceed with their bid or not.

“They have both been very respectful during the voting process and have repeatedly said they want what is best for the club, and if that is someone else’s bid, then great.”

In light of Harman’s withdrawal, Stroud admitted that he was surprised that he took that action.

Stroud added: “I was surprised. I was looking at a way we could broker both deals together and use some of Andrew’s ideas.

“I feel that this would have been an advantage to us and I hope that somewhere down the line we could engage with Andrew further. With my hand on heart, I feel I have given everyone a level playing field in this process.”

Stroud also confirmed boss Gareth Ainsworth has been consulted, saying: “Both bids were submitted via lawyers and both parties have spoken to Gareth at length about their proposals.

“Now, we are at the next stage and we look forward to welcoming Bill and Jim over in the coming weeks.”