This is the first of our three-part feature with American Rob Couhig, who has agreed a deal in principle to takeover as the majority shareholder at Wycombe Wanderers.

In part one, he talks about his ambition for Championship in three seasons' time and how impressed he is with manager Gareth Ainsworth.

Rob Couhig certainly has grand plans for Wycombe Wanderers.

Having agreed a deal in principle at the end of June with the club, Couhig, along with his team of football consultant, Mark Palmer, and his nephew, Pete Couhig, met the Legacy Members at a Trust meeting on Thursday evening.

The Caledonian Suite at Adams Park was packed to the rafters and Couhig and his team were thoroughly engaging and entertaining as they talked about their plans for how they want to make improvements at the club, both on and off the pitch.

One of the big things that stood out was his plans to push Wycombe onto the next level. Could a crack at Championship football be on the horizon for the Chairboys?

Sitting down with Rob after, it was clear to see how he has already taken Wycombe to his heart and being a hugely successful businessman, he really wants the absolute best in everything he does.

He said: "I would love to see Wycombe in the Championship.

"Is it a serious ambition? I wouldn't be here if I didn't think that we could not put together an economic model that is sustainable that will give Gareth the amount of money he needs to compete to get there and to sustain it.

"That's what it is all about. If you are in sports and you are there to say I would like to tread water this year, then shame on you."

Couhig also paid a glowing tribute to the work Ainsworth has done at the club during his hugely succesful tenure and is certainly looking forward to working with him.

He added: "He is a top-notch person.

"He has a tremendous record in getting the most out of people with relatively little resources to back it up.

"I think he can do an extraordinary job if we give him the resources to do it and I have found him to be, in a profession made up of lots of prima-donnas, to be refreshingly mature and direct."

Read more in part two on Monday.