WYCOMBE racer Alex Fores had a disappointing weekend in round of Formula 3.

Arriving at the ultra fast Castle Combe circuit without any prior testing at the venue due to budget restrictions,


in the Bromfield Dallara F301 F3 car, was still very confident of extending his championship lead.

Whilst qualifying didn’t quite go to plan due to cars corruption his best laps,


was immediately in the pace and still managed a third place starting place on the grid for race one, looking at the data his best lap could have been a 1.02 which would have put him in pole by two seconds.

Race one, Fores fought his way into second but the leader was so determined to win he was overly robust in defending he had Fores off the circuit several times.

A new lap record was an additional reward to a reasonable collection of championship points, despite a bad a chronic misfire.

Race two saw a great start with Fores creating a two second lead by the end of the first lap but the misfire reappeared, enabling the field to catch up and eventually get ahead, not before Fores managed to beat his own lap record.

Fores was hanging on to second but the extra vibration from by the misfire caused the fuel pump to fail, resulting in a disappointing retirement and no points, apart from the point for fastest lap.

In race, Fores started from pole again thanks to his fastest lap in race two, another misfire thwarted Fores’ aspirations for at least one win, crippling the car to only allow Fores to finish fifth.

Fores said: “In a lot of ways it was was a very disappointing weekend, but we take the positives out of it, had the pace, despite not testing, to win all three race, but two lap records and still leading the championship, so all good.”

Fores would like to thank Dave Bromfield, Topcats Racing, Rowan asset management and Haji’s Marlow for their support this season.