Wycombe Wanderers chairman Trevor Stroud issued a positive update over the Legacy Members vote, which began in Tuesday.

A Legacy Members meeting took place at Adams Park on Tuesday evening and the two-week voting process began into whether the members want Rob Couhig and his team to take majority shareholding of the club. Couhig needs 670 votes from the 893 members to voted in.

With the process due to close at midnight on October 30, members have already been voting in their droves, which has pleased Stroud.

He said: "As of yesterday, we had 58 per cent of members who have voted and I think the fact people are voting quickly means they are being decisive, but we can't say which way that is.

"We are trying to work out exactly when we can announce the result. We have got advice that we have to wait until October 30 but clearly if we get over the magic 75 per cent, one way or the other, we are getting advice as to whether we can announce the result early.

"At the moment, as it stands we will wait until October 30.

"I think we are ahead of where I thought. The company who are running the vote for us say the response is unprecedented from their experience and it is great because it means people are engaging and it means people are making their decision.

"If you are a Legacy Member and you haven't voted, then please do. I would love to think we will get 100 per cent turnout on the vote then we have the decision of the Legacy Members rather than apathy deciding it.

"I thought the meeting went well. It was very busy and there were some good questions and people aren't going to walk into this with their eyes shut.

"It is a big decision and the Trust board unanimously recommend voting in favour but it is down to the Legacy Members."

On the pitch, the team have exceeded expectations so far, sitting second in League One ahead of the likes of Portsmouth, Peterborough and this weekend's opponents, Sunderland.

He added: "If someone said at the start of the season you would be second in October, you would probably send them to get their head checked.

"It is a testament to the squad and you wouldn't believe we have had so many changes to the squad because you come into the training ground and it is a Wycombe squad.

"That is a tribute to Gareth, Dobbo and the rest of the team because they just mould them into this force and I think in terms of the quality, and self-belief, it could be exciting."