New Wycombe majority shareholder Rob Couhig admits he is '"very excited" to be leading the club into a new era and explained there is plenty of hard work ahead.

Couhig was voted onto the board by the club's Legacy Members after reaching the 75 per cent needed.

The American is also joined on the board by wife Missy, nephew Pete and football consultant Mark Palmer and he admits they are all looking forward to the future with the real work starting now.

He said: "I am very, very excited.

"I think the vote of confidence is extremely gratifying, not just to me but to Pete, Missy and Mark and to our entire organisation.

"It creates a real sense of obligation. We must perform because people have put their confidence in us and that is sort of the daunting part of it."

Last week, Couhig posted a video on Twitter, stating that he wanted the club to become the "best in England" and he explained you have to have ambition in whatever you do.

He added: "You must have ambition or why bother?

"Are we going to go out and beat Liverpool? No. But why wouldn't we spend every waking moment trying to be the very best we can be, on and off the pitch.

"If we are the best club we can be, on and off the pitch, that makes us the best club in England.

"Our first priority is on the pitch and I feel comfortable with Gareth and Dobbo and the crew is that we have a good understanding.

"Off the pitch, we have miles to go. Right now, the club is playing at a high level for League One. Off it, we are playing at a reasonable level for League Two.

"We can't be short term in our thinking and the staff are terrific and are on board with our ideas."