GX JAGUARS held on to beat Woodley Comets in the only game to go ahead in the Maidenhead District League Premier Division on Monday.

The courts at Kidwells Park in Maidenhead slowly fell to the icy conditions and were deemed unsafe to play.

GX Jaguars and Woodley are both young teams and started with a purpose. Some good shooting and even better defensive work from both kept the game interesting and moving between each post.

The Comets took a slender lead on the half-time whistle, but the Jaguars were ready to start their comeback in the fourth quarter and opened up a two-goal advantage.

Woodley fought back to reduce the deficit to just one goal, but they ran out of time and suffered a narrow 28-27 defeat.

The win means GX Jaguars have climbed up to fifth position in the Premier Division table whilst Woodley stand in eighth place but there is still over half of the season still to play.

Only two games were able to be played in Division One on Monday night and the first was between Wokingham and Zentax.

Wokingham took an early lead and steadily increased their goal difference to claim a 47-21 victory to climb up to fifth position in the table. Zentax stand in third place.

The second match was played between Eclipse and Sevens. Eclipse led 9-7 at the end of the first quarter but Sevens managed to close the gap to a single goal on the half-time whistle.

Some great shooting from Eclipse in the third period saw them extend the advantage, lead they maintained until the final whistle for a 36-31 success.

Third-bottom Apple Travel Green gained five points when bottom side Black Magic forfeited the game.

The matches between Nettlebed Stingers and Redbacks plus Sparks and Scotch were both postponed due to the icy conditions.

There was no play in Division Two and Division Three due to adverse weather conditions on Tuesday night.

Holidays are undefeated in Division Four and took on The Crew on court one on Wednesday evening. A strong start and the support of a committed defence enabled Holidays to take an early lead and extend the advantage to win 45-15.

Blue Magnets 2 and Red Rocket met on court two. In classic Red Rocket fashion, a rocky first quarter saw them only two goals ahead but they eventually found their rhythm to emerge victorious 44-22.

A close game between Dean Dreamers and Vixens saw them always within four goals of one another. Vixens established a small lead and maintained it to win 26-22.

The Vixens team is really improving in this league week on week.

Margaritas pulled away in quarter two of their game against Bumblebees to open up a 12-goal lead. The advantage increased throughout for a 28-12 success.

The Aftershocks played their best game to date in the match against Rubies. Drawing at the end of the first quarter, and two behind at the half-time whistle, they lost momentum as Rubies began to find theirs.

Aftershocks did however secure their second point of the season in a 29-16 defeat.