NEW Wycombe Wanderers Chairman Rob Couhig announced that manager Gareth Ainsworth has signed a new long-term contract at Adams Park on Wednesday.

Both Ainsworth and his assistant manager Richard Dobson - the longest serving management duo in the Football League - have penned new deals in an exciting time for everyone involved with The Chairboys.

Couhig, who took over as Chairman at the club last week, explained: “Gareth, Richard and I began to have discussions last fall about their continued relationship with the club.

"It was obvious to me that they have a great understanding of the potential of the club, and the knowledge and expertise to guide the club as we seek to achieve at the highest possible level while maintaining fiscal sustainability.

"Obviously, their long and tremendous relationship with the club’s supporters was important.

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“We had a chance to sit down and discuss over Christmas, not just entering a new agreement with them, but how we would proceed in the transfer window and into the future.

"Once again, I was impressed with their keen understanding of the team they had assembled, its potential, and their sensitivity to my requirement of financial sustainability.

Bucks Free Press:

PHOTO: Wycombe Wanderers manager Gareth Ainsworth is the longest serving manager in the Football League having been in the hotseat at Adams Park since 2012.

“At that time I committed to them that, if the purchase was completed, we would enter into new, longer-term contracts with them as a first priority."

Couhig continued: “I'm delighted that we were able to conclude their new contracts as the first official business under our ownership.

"I'm confident we're placing our faith and the club’s future football in the right people. Gareth, Dobbo and their team will play a huge role in the continued development of our club.

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"I'm delighted that they have committed themselves to being part of the growing worldwide Wycombe Wanderers phenomenon.”

Ainsworth added: “I'm so proud to be manager of Wycombe Wanderers and have never lost sight of how privileged I am to walk into the club every morning and work with a group of people who continue to give their all to make this club the best it can be.

"It also means so much to me to have not just an outstanding coach but also a very close friend alongside me every step of the way. I’m thrilled that Richard has also committed his future to the club.

“We've had some spectacular memories in my 10 years here – seven as a manager. I’m really excited to continue to lead the team into this new era with Rob bringing fresh energy and ideas that I believe will help us improve on what we’ve already achieved.

Bucks Free Press:

PHOTO: New Wycombe Wanderers Chairman Rob Couhig completed his takeover of the football club last Friday.

“Together we're working hard behind the scenes on plans to expand the squad and widen the pool of players that are available to us, so that we can really sustain ourselves at the highest possible level.

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“I’d like to thank Rob for showing his faith in me and my staff. We will give it everything we’ve got to reward the loyal, ongoing support that has been shown in us by him, the players and supporters of this fantastic club.”

Dobson said: “This club means a huge amount to me and it’s been a real pleasure to have been part of some fantastic times here.

"After coming in to work with the Under 18s in 2007, and then stepping up to the first team in 2011, I’ve really enjoyed working with Gareth and the rest of the staff to provide the platform for the players to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

“I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to extend my time here and be part of the new era under Rob Couhig’s leadership. I look forward to what the future has in store for the club.”