WYCOMBE Wanderers Chairman, Rob Couhig, is pleased to announce the return to the club of Andrew Howard in a role relating to the football side of the business.

Couhig explained: “I've asked Andrew to join Pete Couhig, Gareth Ainsworth and Richard Dobson as they work on plans to expand the squad and widen the pool of players that are available to the club so that it can be sustained at the highest possible level in a fiscally responsible manner.

“While I will be ultimately responsible for the decisions the club makes, it makes good sense to use all the talent we have available to us so that our decisions are as informed as possible.

"Andrew’s executive experience in his business, with the club, and in his motorsport profession has amply demonstrated his ability to put together a solid business plan and have it be implemented.

“Peter, as the club’s Chief Financial Officer and the person responsible for the day-to-day operation of the club, plus his own background in developing and executing successful business plans, makes him a natural for this work.

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"Gareth and Richard have already demonstrated their ability to devise and execute a plan to advance the club, so they will be invaluable to the process.

"Of course, the fact that they will be on the front line of living with the plan means they deserve to be intimately involved in its creation.

“None of this work will distract from the present opportunity - to continue this magical season and push for a successful conclusion.

‘’I will continue to discuss this season and the development of the future plan with them as a group, and as individuals, as they develop the plan through the end of the season.

"At that time, working together, I expect we will have a solid plan and steps for implementation for our football side of the club.

Together, we will continue to make the 'Worldwide Wycombe Wanderers Phenomenon' even better.

“I really appreciate Andrew, Pete, Gareth, and Richard helping me chart our path forward.”