MANAGER Gareth Ainsworth has revealed the club are planning on introducing a reserve team to boost selection options going forward, writes Robert Folker.

The club do currently not have an academy or a second team and the manager is hoping that under new ownership this is something that can be put in the place.

This will mean the club will be able to bring in younger talent that they can hope to improve and bring into the first team.

As well as this it will give Ainsworth a wider pool of players to choose from throughout the season, especially when the squad is light due to injuries.

A Wycombe Wanderers Academy may be the long term aim but right now the focus now is on building the structure to facilitate a second team.

The manager said: “It’s a plan that we want to put in place, a B Team if you like, for next season under the new era of Rob and Pete Couhig.

“I think we have suffered over the years not having an academy and not having a second team so we are going to try and put that in place.

“It’s going to take some work, some structural work and definitely some planning but the ambition to have that would be the start of some new players coming through and some young players coming through and hopefully breaking through to the first team and becoming assets.

“It’s a long-term plan but it’s definitely something we want to explore next season.”

One of the main doubts about Wycombe finishing in the top six among supporters is the squad depth that the club possess but with talk of a second team this would eradicate that problem.

The club look to continue to plan for next season not knowing whether they will be a League One or Championship club but a reserve squad will improve the club regardless of the division Wycombe begin next season in.