AS MORE fixtures are postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak in the United Kingdom, Wycombe Wanderers will continue to lose revenue from home games, writes Robert Folker.

The English Football League (EFL) announced that all fixtures are postponed until Thursday April, with Wycombe due to have four games in this period.

It was also announced that The EFL will be releasing a £50 million care package to help all clubs that are financially struggling at this time.

Wycombe manager Gareth Ainsworth admits that the pandemic is going to financially affect all clubs in country.

Ainsworth to the Bucks Free Press: “Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s going to financially affect all clubs from top to bottom.

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“Some clubs will be in a lot better state that Wycombe Wanderers and some clubs will be in worst state than Wycombe Wanderers.

“It’s a question that’s higher than me, it’s a question for other people, but I know obviously were missing out on some home games.

“We were selling out against Oxford, which is a fantastic derby, and Rotherham at home, which was going to be a top of the league clash.

“We’ve obviously got some huge games that have been affected by this but again it’s up to the football authorities to look after their product and Wycombe Wanderers is part of their product.”

Wycombe have recently got new owners who must deal with the loss of revenue from home games, but will be hoping the EFL’s £50 million care package will help to club stay financially stable.

If the season finishes, which the EFL intends to happen, Wycombe will be able to play these home games, but for the time being will have survive without.