Wycombe Wanderers chairman Rob Couhig answered questions from fans live on the club’s official YouTube channel on Wednesday evening.

The chairman disclosed that everyone, apart from six members of key staff, have all been placed on furlough yet everyone will still be paid.

He also revealed his hopes for this season as well as the plans put in place for the following campaign, which will include a new pitch and refurbishment of the stadium.

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Couhig stated that the club’s difficulties are incomparable to problems many are facing but his main priority is keeping the club stable.

The chairman said: “My foremost obligation is to make sure this club survives this pandemic, it may not be the most important thing when you look at the life and death issues but one day we’re going to be through this and people are going to want to go and watch their football team play.

“I want us to win it on the field and I think we are capable of doing it. I think our club is as good as any in the league.

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“I don’t want to play behind closed doors. Football is all about having a hotdog, drinking a beer, yelling at Gareth [Ainsworth] because he put the wrong guy in at the wrong time and seeing your buddy.

“All of that is part of the game.

“If all we’re doing is playing the sport to play out the season. I don’t quite understand it.

“I think football is some distance away from figuring out how it wants to end the season but I would hope we don’t push back next season in an attempt to finish this season so next season is adversely affected.

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“We have also been meeting to plan for the refurbishment of the stadium.

"I categorised it into three things, safety, aesthetics and build-out.

“We certainly will tick off all the safety before next season.

“If I can get my way, we will build out our stadium so fans will want to come to the game early.

“We expect by the start of next season to have a total fibre system which will deliver the best WiFi in the UK which will give you great audio, great scoreboards which will create that atmosphere that we talk about all the time.

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“For the pitch to be worked on we needed to make sure we weren’t doing anything that violated the letter of the law or the spirit of the law and we have been informed that work on the pitch does neither.

“While nobody would equate it to essential work like a nurse, it is necessary and therefore the government has told us it is permitted for us to work on our pitch and training pitch.

“They are going to re-do the pitch and by the time we are allowed to play again the pitch will be in excellent condition.”

There will also be a ‘Wanderers’ Wall’ where fans will be able to buy a tile that will be outside the player entrance to commemorate this year.

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Couhig said: “We’re building a Wycombe Wanderers wall, it’ll be a great way to remember this year, the good, the bad, the ugly of it.

“This will really show the community of the Wycombe Wanderers, we expect to put all of the players numbers and all of the staff on the wall with some special commemorations”

The chairman, who only took over the club this year, finished the live broadcast by thanking all the staff and the players.

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He said: “I need to thank the staff, everyone from the top to the bottom. I need to thank the players as they have been spectacular. Our players have been leaders, not just in football but in the community, being advocates to staying at home, staying safe and taking care of the NHS.”