Wycombe Wanderers manager Gareth Ainsworth revealed to the ‘I Had Trials Once’ podcast that he’s asking his players to 'mentally switch off' during the lockdown period.

Players are unable to train as they normally would during the lockdown period so manager Ainsworth is telling his players to keep themselves ticking over.

He told the ‘I Had Trials Once’ podcast’: “The club have furloughed the players and they have furloughed most of the staff except myself.

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“Obviously, I’m the manager, so I still need to make decisions and work on things going forward.

“I’ve been in at the ground once a week looking at the new pitch being relayed.

“But talking to the players in the first couple of weeks they were doing training plans.

“Then the longer this went on, we thought to ourselves, this is like a summer break.

“So you tick over, you still tick over. You still keep yourself fit because you know that when you get back, it’s going to be pre-season.

"Everyone’s blasting and you don’t want to be behind.

“What you’ve got in the summer, usually, you’ve got access to gyms.

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“At the moment, my lads can’t do anything. They’re going to the local park and doing a run. that is good but it’s modern-day football.

“You need to do more than that definitely so I’m actually saying mentally switch off.

“I want them hungrier when they get back. I want when they get back, I want them to go I’ve missed football so much, I switched off, I’ve relaxed.”

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