Wycombe manager Gareth Ainsworth has confessed that the club’s finances will be heavily hit due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The club was due to play ten more games before the season finished and Ainsworth admitted the club will suffer financially if these games can’t be played.

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Ainsworth said on the ‘I Had Trials Once’ podcast: “Playing behind would really affect our finances massively.

“It really would.

“And I know they’re talking about this iFollow and people tuning in to that and watching the games online.

“It’s not the same.

“You don’t get the kiosk spend, you don’t get the merchandise spend. You don’t get the away fans coming in, historically spending a lot more.

“We had sold out against Oxford.

“We had Rotherham left at home, which was a top of the league clash.

“We had AFC Wimbledon, a local big clash.

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“And our last game was Gillingham, which again you’d expect would be big because something would have been on it.

“So there is maybe half a million quid there in just gate money and turnover of games that we’re going to miss out on.

“Now for Wycombe Wanderers, a three and a half million pound turnover business, that’s a massive chunk.

“So behind closed doors financially, it would be hard. If it’s the only way to do it and they make the decision to do it, then we’ll do it.”

The EFL has already said it remains unclear when fans will be able to attend EFL games again as the league plan for the future.

Wycombe will be hoping fans will be able to return to Adams Park as soon as possible with the club looking to gain promotion to the Championship.