Gareth Ainsworth has opened up on the ‘I Had Trials Once’ podcast about man-managing Adebayo Akinfenwa.

The manager revealed that Akinfenwa doesn’t train on Mondays as the veteran striker has to train differently to the rest of the squad.

‘The Beast’ became the clubs all time EFL goal scorer in Wycombe’s last game before the season was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, as the striker scoring a consolation goal in the Chairboys’ 3-1 defeat against his former club, Doncaster Rovers, on February 29.

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Ainsworth said on the ‘I Had Trials Once’ podcast: “I think now I realised that Akinfenwa comes with this persona.

“This aura of energy around when he walks in a room, you know he walks in a room.

“And it’s great to have you know, he’s a fantastic, charismatic guy.

“He has Mondays off.

“Sometimes he doesn’t come in on a Tuesday because just honestly, there’s no point him being out on a pitch doing seven thousand meter sessions with the rest of the boys.

“He’d rather be in the gym working on what he’s good.

“His little explosive sprints.

“He’s massive.

“His strength is unbelievable.

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“I don’t have to manage him so much, but I have to manage the rest of the group to say, look, he delivers and he’s different.

“And when you’re 37 and you’re still delivering like that, you’ll get away with this as well.

“But Bayo would never want all these special measures if he wasn’t delivering.

“If he started not delivering, he’d come in more rather than less.

“I think he knows the balance.

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“Also, when I signed him, I told him that he could make more money out of his personal appearances and his internet stuff and all this sponsorship deal.

“I think he’s a legend card on FIFA and all this.

“He gets so much fame and money from this.

“He could make more than he could at Wycombe.

“So again, it’s a balancing act for me to ever go too far on him or he’ll go I’ve had enough, I’m off, I’ve got what I want.

“I don’t think he will. But also, I’ve always got to be mindful of that.

“When we signed and we said, yes, we understand what comes with you.

“He’s a celebrity now.

“And I know he’s got deals here, there and everywhere, which is great and it’s great for the club.

“It’s managing the whole package, which has been new for me as well.

“A big character like that, because usually it’s just twenty-five lads and they’re all the same.”