Wycombe Wanderers Chairman Rob Couhig has advised that furloughed staff are to look for alternative employment.

This comes after it was revealed the club are spending roughly £350,000 a month despite the season being suspended due to coronavirus, with the losses starting to strain the Chairboys.

The League One side are set to make losses of £2.5m due to the pandemic, where they have said they are no longer able to top up salaries to 100 per cent.

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Couhig wrote: “The club has essentially been without revenue since the beginning of March.

"Our loss of revenue even with the utilisation of the furlough plan has exceeded £1m through the end of May.

"On a going-forward basis, we anticipate our loss of revenue will continue at the rate of £350,000 a month.

"While no one really knows for sure when we will be able to return to playing in front of crowds, it seems reasonably certain that it will not happen until at least September and many speculate not until at least December.

"It is apparent that the club's losses as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak may exceed £2.5m. If we are required to play games behind closed doors, whether to try to complete the season or in play-offs, these costs will go up.

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"We have informed all our non-football staff presently on furlough that their pay will be limited to that which we receive from the furlough plan.

"Through May 31, everyone has received 100 per cent of their pay.

"The club has made up the difference.

"Going forward, these furloughed employees will receive 80 per cent of their salary with a maximum payment of £2,500 per month.

“We are also recommending that they begin the search for alternative employment once furlough ends."

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League One clubs have still yet to vote on how to end the season with the Chairboys most likely in favour to finish the season on points-per-game basis.

This would put Gareth Ainsworth’s side in the play-off places, but Couhig revealed that the club would be without loanee Jason McCarthy with the club are unable to afford him.

Couhig continued: "I have also informed our manager that the club will be without the services of Jason McCarthy.

"Jason is a wonderful player and a terrific guy.

"He was on loan to us from Millwall.

"While they and he were willing to extend the agreement through the remainder of this season, and he would unquestionably be helpful if play resumes in any circumstances, we simply can’t afford him.

"I am confident that the remainder of the team can achieve success when we are allowed to return.

"The club will survive this crisis as it has in the past. However, it will only do so by taking hard necessary steps to deal with the reality of our economic situation."

Wycombe will be hoping there is some light at the end of the tunnel with a chance to fight for promotion to the Championship in the summer.