Wycombe Wanderers season tickets are selling at a record rate, with over 900 tickets being sold in the opening weekend.

It took the club 36 days to reach the same figure last season, with fans rushing to buy season tickets within the first three days of their release.

Wycombe owner Rob Couhig also announced that around 90 per cent of fans have waived their right to a refund to increase the club’s player budget.

Couhig said: “I’m told that we sold 36 in the same period last year, and although the circumstances are very different, I have to say that – after a frankly disheartening period of no football, uncertainty and loss of revenue – I am humbled but not surprised by the dedication to Wycombe Wanderers of so many fans.

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“Twenty-four hours earlier I had learned that of all the season ticket holders who had responded with their preferences on rebates for unfulfilled fixtures, more than 90 per cent had generously opted to waive their rebate and allocate the money to Gareth’s playing budget instead.

“We felt it was important to address outstanding issues from the current season before selling tickets for the new one, and it was terrific to see such a response from fans who appreciated the tough challenges we have had to overcome and were able to forego their refund to benefit the club.

“However, I have some admissions to make and I have reflected with the team that we perhaps didn’t give enough prior warning or explanation of the changes that were about to come in relation to season tickets.”

The club came under scrutiny for asking fans to waive refunds on a Thursday, June 18, only to announce inflated season ticket prices on the Friday.

The owner added: “On the subject of rebates, it has been suggested that it was not fair to ask fans to waive their rebates on Thursday, only to announce inflated season ticket prices on Friday.

“It was not our intention to be unfair or mislead any fan, and the opportunity remains for supporters to re-submit their form if they now wish for a rebate having previously chosen to waive their balance.

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“This is an exciting time for everyone at the club, with the play-offs taking place in two weeks, and preparations being made for the new season.

“I am proud of the efforts of those who have carried the club through these most challenging of times and would like to thank everyone in the office for their outstanding work today in managing the season ticket process.

“Many of their colleagues remain on furlough leave as we cannot afford to carry our full operation at this time, but their dedication to helping supporters renew their season tickets and answer queries has been exemplary.

“I hope I have met your expectations of honesty and transparency from your chairman with this message, and thank all who have purchased a season ticket as well as those who have expressed their views on why they may not be renewing their seat.

“We are always learning and will not always get everything right, but we will always have the best interests of the football club at heart.”

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The club has also decided to allow fans to pay for season tickets in instalments to help any fans who are struggling financially in the current climate.

He added: “This year, we have taken it in-house and won’t be charging you a fee.

“We hope this service will help lessen the financial burden for those who may not be able to afford one lump sum.”