Chairboys boss Gareth Ainsworth called his players everyday in lockdown to prepare for the play-offs, as the 47-year-old is hoping that the relationship he has with his team will reap the rewards.

Wycombe, for the first time in their history, will play in the League One play-off semi-finals with a place in the Championship up for grabs.

The Adams Park outfit take on Fleetwood on July 3 and July 6, with the other teams in the play-offs being Oxford United and Portsmouth.

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The manager said: “The interesting story is I did it for the first two weeks.

"I did it in one day and it took me about three-and-a-half hours to do all the players because it wasn't just 'hi, how you doing and see you later' - it was a proper chat about them and how their families are doing.

“I can't preach that football is not the most important thing and then ring the players just to say how they are on the football side of things.

“I rang them to see how their families were.

"Has anyone been ill?

"How are your kids doing?

"And talk, because talking is so powerful.

“Any advice, anything, and we were there for them.

"So, it took me about three-and-a-half hours.

“Then I did start splitting it between squad members.

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"So, it was like one to eight on a Monday, nine to 15 on a Tuesday.

“It was a nice way to keep in touch with the players.

"It kept me busy, but, it was well worth it and I'm hoping now it will pay off.

“I wanted it to feel like we weren't apart.

"We were still together and and the WhatsApp group was flying.

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“We'll see how good it was and how good the culture is by our performances on Friday night, not the result, the performances.

"The performances Monday and Friday will be important.”

Wycombe step out at Highbury Stadium at 7:30pm on Friday evening as they look to take a positive result back to Adams Park.