Gareth Ainsworth has said he feels more sympathetic towards fans rather than his players, who won’t get to watch their side play at Wembley.

The Chairboys will be fighting for a chance to play in the Championship for the first time in their history but no fans will be allowed inside the national stadium.

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Ainsworth said: “I feel for the fans more than the players.

“I'm not really got too sympathetic on the players, they are going to play at Wembley, they get the occasion.

“The fans I feel really sorry for.

“They've been with us through thick and thin.

“We've got a new generation coming through of fans as well, especially with the new Couhig’s influence and the way we want to transform Adams Park into something special and the experience of being here.

“For those fans not to be able to make that trip is going to be tough.

“But we all know that they're going to be at home watching it. “

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The manager is also immensely proud that school kids are now wearing Wycombe shorts instead of other Premier League clubs.

He continued: “We all know that here's been new sales of kits and children's kits.

“Which is great to know that Wycombe School kids are now wearing Wycombe shirts instead historically all the other the Premier League and London clubs that have been dominating this area for so long.

“They're actually not afraid to wear a Wycombe shirt now, which, again, the players don't realise what they've done for these people.

“I’m a real proud man to have to just really been at the front of this all but have to give credit to all the players and all the stuff that they've been fantastic for me this season.

“If we can go one step further, I think the fans would probably swap a trip to Wembley for championship football next year.

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“That that might be the trade-off.”

Ainsworth also sent a message to fans telling them their support from home will be enough for his players at Wembley.

He said: “My message is that I will be making the boys fully aware that you are with us at Wembley, that your support is enough to be with us at Wembley.

“We know you'll be watching on the TV and listening on the radios.

“That is enough for my boys to know that their fans are there for them.”

Kick-off is on Monday, July 13 at 7.30pm