During the most recent Chairboys live club director, David Cook discussed the number of changes that were needed to meet EFL protocols.

Players had to change in different changing rooms, showerheads had to be made ineffective and social distancing had to be observed.

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Cook said: “Even going back to return to training, they were EFL protocols that we have to follow.

“We couldn't move from non-contact training to contact training until we satisfied all those protocols.

“That was leading up to the two Fleetwood games.

"Certainly, behind closed doors, and Covid-19 present challenges.

“We had to, for instance, remove or at least make every other showerhead in the showers were ineffective.

“There had to be social distancing in the showers, social distancing in the changing rooms to the extent that we took over not only our own changing room but the away changing room.

“It meant that Fleetwood had to change somewhere else.

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"It meant the Fleetwood had to shower in temporary showers.

“Then there were other issues during play, of course, that the fans that watched the games on TV would have noticed during every break of play.

“The corner flags had to be had to be desensitized, as it were, as did the goalposts that presented all kinds of challenges.”

Cook believes that the club has learned lessons from the experience of hosting a behind closed doors at Adams Park and this will benefit them for the beginning of next season.

He continued: “And we've learned a few lessons from that because it's highly likely, of course, that when football returns, certainly for the first month or two, it's going to be behind closed doors.

“It's going to be almost certainly with reduced capacities and that in itself presents problems.

“We have to maintain social distancing and even though the government's reduced the distance from two meters to one metre, we've chosen, we certainly chose for the semi-final, that we would retain the two metre social distancing.

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“So, that presents problems when we return to football.

"There's a lot that's being done.

"There's still a lot, an awful lot that has to be done.”

It’s unknown how long fans will not be able to return to Adams Park and the club will be hoping they can start planning on having fans back in the ground again soon.