The chairman of Chesham United Football Club has backed the #LetFansIn Twitter campaign, which is to promote the Government to allow supporters to return to stadiums to watch non-league football.

Since the start of lockdown in March, many non-league teams have struggled financially due to a lack of income.

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However, since lockdown was eased back in June, many businesses have started to operate as normal in line with the new coronavirus guidelines which have been set up by the Government.

Yet despite people being allowed to return to restaurants, pubs and clubs, no fans are allowed to return to football matches.

In an open letter to Chesham United fans, chairman Peter Brown said: “You may well have seen the #LetFansIn Twitter campaign that has gained momentum this week as clubs and supporters up and down the country begin to question why it is that we can cram our beaches with sun-worshippers, yet as a club, we are not allowed to have a few supporters well spread out around the terraces to watch a pre-season friendly.

“It does seem a little bit crazy, especially when you consider that we are allowed to open up our clubhouse and let everyone in for a drink.

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“Difficult and strange times, but it does seem that there is an element of those making the decisions not fully understanding how clubs at this level operate, how important the finances from hosting games is and also how important watching live sport can be to the mental well-being of some people in our community.

“All that said, we will of course continue to follow guidance and hope that the #LetFansIn campaign can have some affect and we will safely have supporter back on the terraces sooner rather than later.”