Gareth Ainsworth wants his side to respect Luton Town on Saturday, but off the-field and once the match is complete.

The Chairboys have lost all three of their league fixtures this season, and are yet to score a goal with the manager believing his side are being too respectful on the pitch.

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He said: “It is about changing mentalities.

“If I’m honest, if you say that Wycombe Wanderers are in the Championship, people will raise their eyebrows, so the respect thing I can understand but I don’t want it to be there.

“I want us to respect them in a different way - I want us to respect that they’re a good side and will give us a good game but we can’t wait around for them to score just because they look like they might score.

“We’ve got to get into them before anything and respect them off the pitch for what they’ve done in their careers.

“When we are on that pitch, it is about winning.

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“You have got to find a way to win, and that’s what I did in my career and getting that into the boys is going to be important this week but they know what I want, and if they don’t by Saturday then I’ll have some issues.”

He continued: “I learnt that you pay big money for big players that perform and can win games for you.

“I thought Andre Ayew was superb last week, ghosting past some of our players and his physical attributes alone were fantastic - we have got to find ways of competing with that.

“Technically and tactically they work things out, they’re problem solvers.

“When you speak to managers after the games, they give a lot of credit to their players for being very bright and sometimes individuals can just get on and win games on their own.

“It is not all about the tactics, it is the players as well and I have got to make my players believe that they can achieve more than they think they can, and that’s my job.”