Wycombe Wanderers will make a reported £144,000 as their FA Cup match against  Tottenham has been picked to be broadcasted live on BT Sport.

Victory in the fourth round will also secure £90,000 if Wycombe were to upset Jose Mourinho’s men.

For their 4-1 win against Preston North End, Wycombe earned £61,500.

The additional funds will provide a boost for Wanderers due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with the health crisis impacting the FA Cup prize money.

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Wycombe would have received £135,000 from their third round victory last season but the prize fund has been slashed this season.

If the Chairboys were to win the competition they would earn a total of £3,433,972, almost half of last season's award of £6.8m.

Here is the 2020/21 FA Cup prize money list in full following the most recent amendments:

Extra preliminary round – £1,125 (Losers receive £375)

Preliminary round – £1,444 (Losers receive £481)

First round qualifying – £2,250 (Losers receive £750)

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Second Round Qualifying – £3,375 (Losers receive £1,125)

Third Round Qualifying – £5,625 (Losers receive £1,875)

Fourth Round Qualifying – £9,375 (Losers receive £3,125)

First Round Proper – £16,972 (Losers receive £5,657)

Second Round Proper – £25,500 (Losers receive £8,500)

Third Round Proper winners – £61,500 (Losers receive £20,500)

Fourth Round Proper winners – £90,000

Fifth Round Proper winners – £180,000

Quarter-Final winners – £360,000

Semi-Final winners – £900,000

Semi-Final losers – £450,000

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Final runners-up – £900,000

Here is the 2020/21 FA Cup TV money list in full following the most recent amendments:

First Round Proper – each team: £67,500

Second Round – each team: £72,000

Third Round – each team: £75,000

Fourth Round – each team: £144,000

Fifth Round – each team: £247,500

Quarter-Final – each team: £247,500

Semi-Final – each team: £350,000

Final – each team: £600,000