Cameras at the ready.

Curtain drawn and out he stepped baying in the applause of the Caledonian suite. 

Beginning his Chairboys career as the showman and ultimately, he will exit that way.

A glorified ‘PR stunt’ turned out to be one of Wycombe Wanderers’ greatest-ever sons, Adebayo Akinfenwa bids his farewell.

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A guard of honour, perhaps the size of one goal to the other, will create the walkway for ‘Bayo’ to soak in the adulation from those that have been fortunate enough to witness his legendary aura. 

Akinfenwa has been the presence in the blue-quartered shirt throughout my teenage life.

The ilk of Tony Horseman, Dave Carroll, Keith Ryan, and Jason Cousins are mere names plucked from my dad’s time on the terraces. 

For the generation that has only known the glory years, ‘The Beast’ is our flag-bearer.

Known all over the world but understood by Wycombe Wanderers.

Large in stature, larger in our hearts.

His on-field accomplishments will be carved into the Chairboys history books for all to see. Leading EFL goal-scorer, two time Player of the Year, and 99 goal contributions in over 240 appearances. 

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Those achievements can never be erased, but the memories of the man will not fade either. 

Win, lose or draw he paraded around Adams Park taking every photo and signing every autograph.

The cries of ‘Beast’ from the terrace would always produce a cheek-to-cheek smile and the Shaka. 

There is no greater picture than Gareth Ainsworth having his skull crushed by the striker following promotion to League One in 2018.

Such is the relationship between manager and player, a bond has formed that will go beyond their time at the club.

Ainsworth said: “Football has brought us together, but life will keep us together.

"I’ve met somebody that will be in my life forever.

“He will rank amongst the legends of this place.

This club would not have made the Championship without him.

“He has to be up there (Ainsworth’s greatest-ever signings).

"I’ll be honest he has surprised me. I knew we were getting something special but not like this.”

It is difficult to fathom that a 34-year-old, who many thought would just sell kits and bring in Twitter followers, would deadlift a club from mid-table in League Two to the Championship for the very first-time.

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Saturday is when we got to see only half of what Akinfenwa brought to the club.

Tussling with the opposing centre-halves, his precision heading, a superglue first touch, quick-feet that would make you question physics, and his shirt that was always on the edge of being ripped off his body.

As supporters, we have been lucky enough to enjoy that.

However, Marlow Road and the dressing room tucked underneath the PreSonus stand is where the other half of his magic has been displayed. 

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An awe-inspiring figure that has been Wycombe Wanderers’ added pulse since his arrival in the summer of 2016.

The Chairboys will beat on without him, but there will no doubt be a huge void to fill. 

Thank you, Adebayo Akinfenwa.