WASPS are searching for a new training site in Wycombe to share with Wanderers.

The club currently train in Acton but if plans for a new stadium in Wycombe get the green light from Wycombe District Council, Wasps will join forces with Wycombe Wanderers to build purpose-built training facilities in the area.

If the stadium gets the go-ahead, work on the training ground would be a priority to make sure it is ready for the town's Olympic bid.

Wasps shareholder Steve Hayes, who is also managing director of Wanderers, said: "It's hypothetical if we cannot get a new stadium.

"The training ground might be built first, but only if we know the stadium is coming."

No site has yet been identified for a new training ground, but Wasps hope to have it on the same site as the new stadium.

And the new facility could form part of Wycombe's Olympic bid after Wanderers were given permission by the London Organising Committee to pitch for foreign teams to train here for the 2012 London Games.

Wanderers, along with nine other South Bucks sites including Bisham Abbey and the Longridge Boating Centre have all been given permission to pitch their venues to countries looking for training centres.

They had their facilities accepted by the London Organising Committee after an 18-month scrutinisation process.

But even though the Wanderers training HQ passed the test, Blues and Wasps hope to have an even better training centre to offer Olympians and Paralympians in four years time.

Hayes said: "We've already had the one we've got accepted but if we had a new training ground the facilties we would have to offer Olympians and Paralympians would be even better."